invites you to let go…

To let yourself go,

Let the stress go,

Let all of the mental chatter and self-judgment go…

So that you experience less symptoms of stress like headaches, anxiety, and interrupted sleep, to name a few.

If the first thing that came to mind when you read those words was,

“Please don’t ask me to meditate. I have a hard time quieting my mind”

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Mindfulness, or attention to the present moment, is a muscle. Like every other muscle in the body you can train it to be stronger.

I can show you how.

In just. 4. weeks.

Imagine you’ve had a crushing day at the office or from wearing the 19 hats it takes to be an entrepreneur. Somehow you’ve got to transition into mom or dad mode, caregiver or board member mode, and your mind is anywhere but there.

Now imagine you have tools that take only a few minutes, can be done anywhere, and that work for everyone to release the tensions of the day and bring you in the present moment fully prepared to connect and even enjoy this other version of you.

The art of “letting yourself go” can be learned.

Just Be, my 4-week course, will teach you how.


As you move through the four modules, you will learn how to relax your body and begin to control the mind through an easy visualization exercise.

You might be surprised to find new reserves of energy, greater clarity for decision making and intention setting, and better physical health.

Each week is designed to return you to your power and connect you to your intuition.

If that seems a bit out of your comfort zone consider this; In 2014, the Office of Naval Research embarked on a four-year, $3.85 million research program to explore the phenomena it calls premonition and intuition, or “Spidey sense,” for sailors and Marines.

Intuition can help you in business and personal relationships not to mention keep you safe!

Week 1

  • Getting started with meditation. What it is and isn’t.
  • Choose your technique and setting
  • You can do this even if you can never quiet your mind
  • The many mental and physical benefits of meditation
  • A simple, short meditation to get you started

Week 2

  • The Objectives of meditation from beginner to expert
  • Throughout the ages—A brief history of this powerful practice
  • How healing is possible through meditation
  • Mindfulness, Concentration and Wisdom

Week 3

  • Your brain explained and accessing higher consciousness
  • Using breath techniques to awaken both sides of the brain
  • Self-Discipline, Self-Knowledge, Self-Surrender
  • Introduction to the Chakras and why they matter

Week 4

  • The importance of your minding your thoughts
  • Deepening your practice
  • Eastern Mantras, Western Prayers
  • The questions of Discernment

At the end of four weeks you could be experiencing, more calm in your day, better sleep which means more energy, control of your emotions, and better health overall.

If that sounds like a big promise -- it is -- but I promise this has worked for hundreds of others who I’ve worked with. Not to mention that meditation and mindfulness are now taught in Fortune 500 companies, top universities and hospitals, and the United States Military.


Quite simply, they work.

I’ve made this course super affordable because I believe in the power of it. I want to help as many people as possible in 2019 and I know that many people won’t have the resources to work with me privately. This is the next best thing.

And to prove that I mean believe in the power of it, you’ve got my word. 

UpVibrations 30-Day, Hassle Free, Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you feel this course is not delivering what you need to learn to practice meditation and mindfulness then simply send an email to [email protected] and put “refund” in the subject line. I’ll refund your money without question.







If you are still here with me on this page then I know something about you. You are looking for change. Something is nagging at you saying, “there must be a better way” than the long hours at work and not enough you or family time. Or maybe you just want a way to quiet your mind so you can sleep at night.

Whatever is keeping you from enjoying your days, your life, and bringing you all that you most desire, learning these simple techniques and practicing them daily are the first steps to turn things around.

As soon as you click the “join now” button, you will be given access to the first of the four modules--you can get started in no time!


And don’t forget, I’m standing behind my product 100% with my 30-day, No hassle, money back guarantee.

PS: you will never be completely alone on your 4-week journey because I am always just an email away.