I get it,

You're Busy.      Even exhausted. 

  You have no time for your family let alone your self.

Overwhelmed....yet feeling like you haven't accomplished anything.

Waking up in the middle of the night, panicked about all the stuff that needs to get done.

This is the life you dreamed of, right?


Then continue to read on...




Are you tired of being frustrated & stressed out? Are you loosing sleep because you KNOW you are shifting something BIG in your life and you don't know HOW to do it?


...how great it would feel to finally have a strategy and tools to get you back on track and you're finally feeling like you are back on top of your game in life & your business?

I can help!

If you aren't happy with doing what you are doing....it's time to effing change it!, Right? I understand the effects that the energy body vibration has on you, on all levels and I can help shift it so you can live in complete wellbeing.

Hi, I'm Debbie Sodergren, Founder & CEO of Up Vibrations LLC


That's me in the middle when I launched my book.

I have been helping my clients for over 20 years find solutions and alleviate their stress as they shift in their life's BIG transitions to get back to feeling empowered and happy with the new direction their life has taken.  I went from feeling angry, frustrated and stressed out to now living my authentic self in my empowered life and BEing  the change I want to see in this world.

Would you like to know the tools that got me back into my happiness?  Head over to www.upvibrations.com and sign up for my free gift that will tell you.

Who do I help?


I  help the person who is going through a major shift in their life right now and are feeling frustrated, stressed out and overwhelmed which is causing a lot of sleepless nights and health issues.

I am out to create an impact. 

I know that if everyone knew about their energy body and had the tools and strategies to work with it... then they would understand how they are co-creators of their life and that would  empower them to be able to live a happy life in abundance.

How do my clients benefit from working with me?

I know because I have been there. My clients benefit from working with me because I share with them tools to use so they can someday... when they are done working with me, have the necessary tools to live a life they love. I listen to my clients needs and then I customize the program to fit their needs.

Up your Vibration Today!

I am a gifted transformation life force energy healer so when a client works with me, they are getting my unique skill of using my intuition to read their energy and deliver messages to them for their use. I not only work one-to-one with my clients but it is my goal to reach and help as many people as possible by sharing my message within my online programs.

Just Be Book and Journal

$20.00 USD

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed and just need to get grounded? Has your doctor recommended you learn meditation? Ju...

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Just Be Mindfulness and Awareness 4 week course

$997.00 USD

"I can't meditate. I have a hard time quieting my mind". Does this sound like you? Come & learn how to meditate ...

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Work with Debbie

$5,000.00 USD

My many years of training, my commitment to mastering what it takes to be a master mentor and energy worker, and a li...

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""The night before a mainstage presentation I was out of sorts, panicking, even though I knew my material. On top of that I was feeling fluish. Debbie was at the event, she agreed to help me. In this one session- the flu symptoms went away and I was confident and excited to take the stage. And I closed 90% of the room with my offer!""

Gregory Ann Cox- Be More Marketable